Would you retire to the "Good Life"? Pursue another business opportunity that would be personally rewarding? Take some well deserved time off and decide what's next in your life?

As a business broker/consultant with 44 years of transportation industry experience, John Hayes at Logistics Acquisitions understands that most business owners have considered their exit strategy, but many do not realize how to begin the process and are unsure who they can trust for their business transition.  Some owners wonder if the business climate has improved for those wanting to sell, and what that might mean for the valuation of their company.  If you are an owner, and have considered these issues, now may be the best time to find out if the market is right for you to take the next step towards your future.

We are associated with one of the largest and fastest growing business brokerage companies in the country and we have many buyers looking for opportunities to purchase transportation industry companies.  Corporate downsizing, early retirements and the low cost of capital are bringing more buyers to the market.  This is good news for you!

If you are considering selling your business, contact us today and together we can discuss confidentially and with no obligation how Logistics Acquisitions will be able to help.  NOW may be the right time!








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